Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hot Gossip - 'The Hardest Part' by Blondie

Hot Gossip down in the New York subway reading comics and commiting acts of vandalism to the sound of Blondie on The Kenny Everett Video Show on 03.03.80.There's Virginia spray-painting windows,Debbie smashing up a phone,Floid jumping over barriers without paying - and there's Bob Geldof too.I love the part when Kim Leeson jumps into the arms of Richard,twists around his head and shoulders,then leaps backwards onto Roy's shoulder.I also love that slicing movement they do with their forearms.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hot Gossip - 'Floyd's Theme' by Natural Juice

Here is the second Hot Gossip dance on The Kenny Everett Video Show on 10.07.78.Apart from Lindsey Ward,who possibly was busy with the dancers 'Night Fever' on the Paul Daniels Blackpool Bonanza,this great dance features all the dancers we know from series 1.
I love the opening sequence showing Dominique in a street waiting for her friends Perri and Sarah before going to a disco-just look at Dom's head drop to her shoulder as gets tired of waiting.Inside the disco Lorraine,Carol and Donna dance together and are great throughout,and there are a couple of good sequences with Floid and Perri.My favourite parts however are whenever Dominique and Mark dance together-they are just brilliant.One particularly brilliant sequence is when Dom is held aloft by Mark,she spirals down and they dance-no wonder Dom at the end appears to shout 'alright !

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Hot Gossip - 'Stuff Like That' by Quincy Jones

Here is the great Hot Gossip dance to 'Stuff Like That' from The Kenny Everett Video Show on 21.08.78.I love the beginning with three thighs sticking through a white curtain followed by Mark who walks over to join Dominique then Lorraine.The three of them are whip-sharp in their high-kicks and turning their heads in time to the horns.There is also some great dancing with Perri and Carol emerging through the white curtain then mirroring eachother's movements.This amazingly sexy dance ends with Dominique being dragged by Mark through a doorway.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Hot Gossip - 'Supernature' by Cerrone

Here is the second Hot Gossip dance to Cerrone's 'Supernature' from The Kenny Everett Video Show on 14.08.78.The outside footage is interesting and has an otherworldly look.My favourite parts are when Floid and Dominique dance during the first chorus,Perri on one leg to 'such a sad affair',and the best part is Mark and Dominique dancing during the second chorus.Elements of this dance and 'Walk On The Wild Side' were spoofed by Hot Gossamer on The Benny Hill Show.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hot Gossip - 'Another Brick In The Wall' by Pink Floyd

Here is a wonderful Hot Gossip dance to Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall' from The Kenny Everett Video Show on 25.02.80.This is a stylish routine full of teenage Angst and attitude.At the start we see Ali,Debbie and Kim on the swings,and see Julia and Jane arm in arm glaring at the camera.I love the dancing by Kim and Jane to the guitar solo,and i also love it when 6 of the ladies are playing pass the ball to Ali who is suspended between Perri and Kim.Most of all i love Virginia's impressive gymnastics.

Hot Gossip - 'If My Friends Could See Me Now' by Linda Clifford.

The first video i've chosen for this tribute blog to Arlene Phillips' Hot Gossip dancers is 'If My Friends Could See Me Now' from The Kenny Everett Video Show on 17.07.78.
From the first frame with the wonderful Dominique Wood leading the dancers out onto the dance floor this is exciting and joyous to watch.The dancers use every part of their bodies to pack as much movement into every second of this great dance.My favourite parts of the routine are too numerous,but i do love the opening sequence up to the first verse of the song,and also when Dominique and Mark jump on to the dance floor at the end to join the others.