Thursday, 8 January 2015

David Dundas - 'Jeans On'

Here are two videos of 'Jeans On' by David Dundas.The first is on Top Of The Pops.Like the dancers on 'It Only Takes A Minute' by Jonathan King,the three dancers here wear T-shirts with the words 'Hot Gossip' on them.I believe the dancers here are Libby Rose(right with short hair),Lavinia Lang(centre) and Judy Ford(left).In the second video the dancers aren't wearing the 'Hot Gossip' T-shirts but i believe they are the same dancers;Libby Rose is there(centre in the picture) and the dance itself looks the same as on Top Of The Pops.

100 Ton & A Feather - 'It Only Takes A Minute'

Here are the Hot Gossip dancers with Jonathan King as 100 Ton & A Feather singing 'It Only Takes A Minute'.I can't recognise any of the dancers who are wearing T-shirts with the words 'Hot Gossip' on them.Some possible dancers are;Libby Rose,Lavinia Lang,Wanda Rokicki,Lee Black,Roy Gayle,Chrissy Whickham,Judy Ford and Belinda.
When singing the song on Top Of The Pops King was joined by Lulu Cartwright of Ruby Flipper.


Here we have two TV adverts with Hot Gossip connections.Firstly there is an advert from 1981 for JVC Videos.The Hot Gossip dancers are dressed like they are on the front cover of their 'Geisha Boys & Temple Girls LP.The second advert is for Brutus Gold Jeans and features Dominique Wood with Sting,and is believed to be from 1978.