Sunday, 3 May 2015

'The Golden Lady' Film 1979

'The Golden Lady' was released in 1979 and is about female mercenaries trying to sabotage a business deal.
Hot Gossip have a three minute routine set in a night-club sadly interspersed with some 18 rated goings on by two characters in the film.The routine appears to be based on 'Walk On The Wild Side' with Carol and Donna dressed as a maid and schoolgirl respectively.Dominique comes on holding a doll,Lorraine is dressed in pink with an umbrella,leather-clad Lindsay and Mark crack whips,and Perri tugs on the collar of her 'slave' Lee.
Wanda Rokicki was in the Hot Gossip group which danced at the Mayfair club Monkberry's.While she didn't make onto the Everett show with the other dancers here she makes a welcome appearance in this film.